Conducting a Comprehensive Development Audit (Part 1 of 2)
June 30, 2017
YRM Program Introduction
August 1, 2017

Planning Your Developmental Year


Assignments Overview

Session Two: Planning Your Developmental Year

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Create a Development Calendar that lists the times in which you will launch and what they will be (projects, programs, activities, and/or event).

?  Prepare and Send a Calendar for 2016-17 that will include the dates for every project, program, activity, and event you intend to do.

In conjunction with each item listed on the calendar, prepare a short explanation of the outcomes you are hopeful will occur.

?  Note: People from the same organization can work together and submit one calendar, etc.

Development Calendar can be done in a timeline beginning from the current date until the end of May of current year.

Complete reading:  Funding Your Vision: New Hope for Nonprofits.

Jerry Twombly
With over 40 years of practical experience administering, training, and supporting ministry nonprofits and NGO's, Jerry Twombly's signature "relational" approach to organizational development has enabled hundreds of organizations and churches to raise multiplied millions of dollars.