Lindsay Brown, the former president

Lausanne Movement

One of the challenges we all face in ministry is how to raise funds and build better structures so that the ministry God has given into our hands can go forward. One of the most outstanding people I've met in recent years, who has life-long experience in organisational development and fund-raising is Jerry Twombly. He teaches regularly at European Leadership Forum (ELF) and in addition provides year-round mentoring on organisational development and fund-raising. Jerry runs a year-long programme in organisational development and fund-raising. He is also open to travelling internationally, having done so for the past 40 years, in order to provide training in these areas. He is now over 70 years of age and wishes to use his remaining active years to leave a healthy legacy to equipping and helping ministry leaders to build stronger ministries in these areas.

William J. Katip, Ph.D., President

Grace College & Seminary

I have known and worked with Jerry Twombly for over 40 years and he never seems to slow down!  His passion is helping God’s people accomplish more by making connections and leveraging the power of working together.  You owe it to your ministry to have a cup of coffee with him and find out how the Lord might want to help you through one or more of Jerry’s connections.

Former President & CEO

Christian Booksellers Association (CBA)

For over 30 years I have admired Jerry Twombly as a man committed to Christ, faithful to God's Word, generous in life, and devoted to serving leaders across the globe through his considerable expertise in the field of development, donor relations, and casting vision for Christian ministry. Whenever any of my clients need advice and expertise in the world of development – whether they are well-established or new start-ups, large or small – I refer them to Jerry with unreserved confidence. His 5-decade remarkable track record, proven skills and principles, and a lifetime of seasoned Godly wisdom are a strong complement to his integrity. If your work is development, you need to get to know Jerry Twombly.

Greg Pritchard, Ph.D., Founder

European Leadership Forum

Jerry Twombly has had an enormous impact for the Gospel in Europe by equipping and training leaders across Europe in the area of organization development and fund raising.  One of the greatest needs in Gospel work in Europe is healthy spiritual mature evangelical leaders and sustainable organizations that they lead. Jerry's work over the last 15 years in Europe has been absolutely stunning in providing the encouragement, training, tools and mentoring that the national leaders have needed to faithful lead their organizations. The impact of Jerry's heart, teaching, love and work is going to ripple through eternity.

Aaron Brockett, Lead Pastor

Traders Point Christian Church

From the first time I met Jerry Twombly, I could sense his great spiritual maturity, combined with a pastoral heart. I’ve seen firsthand the influence and respect that he has with pastors and students internationally via the European Leadership Forum. Yet, what has impressed me even more is that he invests the same amount of passion, energy, and wisdom into many young leaders within our church here in the States in informal and “behind-the-scenes” ways. Jerry is a Kingdom-minded man who is willing to share what he has learned so that the next generation of Kingdom-minded individuals will carry out the Great Commission further, faster. I can’t recommend him enough.

Simon Sykes, Operations Vice Principal

Tyndale House, Cambridge

I have very much enjoyed Jerry Twombly's teaching and coaching. My confidence in developing relationships with donors has increased and I have a clear model of the development process. The opportunities Jerry have provided for me to network with others working in similar situations has been invaluable and I am grateful for generosity in sharing Jerry's time, insight and experience.

D. Clay Perkins, Ph.D., President

Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU)

Without reservations, I recommend you consider the services of Jerry Twombly in the field of Philanthropy. He is a seasoned leader, an effective communicator, and an excellent coach and encourager. His professional development certification program is without a doubt some of the best training available. Why? It works. Do yourself a favor and the organization you serve - take this certification. You will be glad you did.

Diana La Point, VP/Marketing Manager

First Northern Bank

Jerry and I have worked jointly together on business development seminars. He is not only super knowledgeable in the area of capital campaigns/fundraising for churches and Christian organizations, but extremely passionate as well. This isn't just a job for Jerry, but rather a vocation, a calling and a ministry. I can tell he personally cares about the success of each organization he works with.

Guy Richards, Chief Executive Officer


Jerry Twombly is one of my favorite people. His heart for ministry makes you want to be around him all the time. I look at Jerry as a mentor. Not only has he worked with the worlds top non-profits but has done it with flair. Who else do you know that has help raise approximately $2.5 billion. Jerry is on Abiah's Executive Brand Counsel and is helping us "affect millions to develop billions." He is definitely the one I depend on for development work.

Ron Sipus, Ph.D., Head of Schools

Capistrano Valley Christian Schools

Throughout my life I have been blessed to meet and work with some remarkable people. Mr. Jerry Twombly is one of those special people I have known for over twenty years both professionally and personally. During that time, I have benefited from his professional qualities and grown as a person because of the personal relationship we have developed. I recently retired following 48 years in the field of education. Of those years, 37 were spent as the Superintendent of both public (2) and Christian school systems (35). During that time raising funds beyond tuition and fees was paramount for the annual operation budget. As such, I spent a great deal of time learning from various sources the most ethical, successful and Biblically based methods for developing strong and sustainable development programs. Of the programs and people I met in this endeavor, the work Jerry Twombly did stood head and shoulders above them all.