Applying the Rules of Development and Focus on Organisation
June 10, 2017
Conducting a Comprehensive Development Audit (Part 2 of 2)
June 30, 2017

An Outline of the Development Year and the Developmental Audit


An Outline of the Development Year and the Developmental Audit

Assignments Overview

Session One

Our next webinar in one month. We will inform you about exact date in one week. Bellow you will find description of your assignments. You will have to submit your work no later than 3 days before our next session.

Webinar Recording

?? You may view unedited version of the webinar recording here.
? Presentation in Power Point format is available for download here.
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Leading Development Indicators (LDI)

Add actual numbers for your organization to each of the Leading Development Indicators.

Determine the Size of your Database. How many constituents do you have?
Calculate a number of Annual Donors for your ministry.
Calculate the Annual Amount of Money Given for last year.
What groups of people do you feel would be critical to your long term success? List them.
Identify Critical Groups: How many of Core Donors, Major Doors, Mega Donors do you have in your Database?

Setting Goals

Set Goals in each LDI area that represents a 15% increase in each area.
In 5 Years —You’ve Doubled Everything!
Including: Long-Term Capital Potential

Reading Assignment

Read the book Funding Your Vision: New Hope for Non-Profits by Gerald H. Twombly and write a 300-word summary.

Download a copy of the ? book here.

Complete the Quiz in Essay Form

1. In your own words, summarize the 5-6 key things you learned from reading the book Funding Your Vision: New Hope for Non-Profits.

2. Why do you suppose it is important to have an understanding of Leading Development Indicators?

3. In the order of priority, list 5 needs you must address to grow your ministry this year.

4. List 5 ways that you could introduce new people to your ministry.

5. Answer the Questions:

The ultimate goal of development is raising money. True or False?
Knowing “Leading Development Indicators” will help you understand organizational needs. True or False?
The defining characteristic of a relationship is that it is quantifiable. True or False?
The “rational” part of the development definition means objective and/or substantive. True or False?
The greatest analogy of development is falling in love. True or False?
What your ministry needs most is more donors. True or False?
You’ve achieved development success when someone gives you a rational gift. True or False?

6. How would you define a critical group? List in priority order the groups you would perceive as being critical to your long-term success.

Submit via email your completed assignment in one properly formatted document.

Jerry Twombly
With over 40 years of practical experience administering, training, and supporting ministry nonprofits and NGO's, Jerry Twombly's signature "relational" approach to organizational development has enabled hundreds of organizations and churches to raise multiplied millions of dollars.